#527 Copy feature doesn’t work as expected

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From @some_client 13.03.2020, 16:02


I recently purchased your product and I have issues to find the copy feature. I already read the online manual and tried to re-install the product, but to no avail. This didn't happen before version 2.

Could you please give me some hints how to use the copy feature?

Thanks, Client

#1 From @trademarc_design 13.03.2020, 16:04 Owner

Hi there! Yes, I will look into it. Thanks for reporting this. I will update the priority.

@buggily_admin changed the priority from normal to high 13.03.2020, 16:04
@some_client updated the description 13.03.2020, 16:15
#2 From @some_client 13.03.2020, 16:15

I forgot to mention that this was not an issue before I installed version 2. I updated the description accordingly.

@buggily_admin changed the priority from high to medium 13.03.2020, 16:17
#3 From @trademarc_design 13.03.2020, 16:17 Owner

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I decided to downgrade this to normal priority for now, as it doesn't seem to affect the core functionality of the software.

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